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New library: MIDIs chord sequences to kick start your productions

Posted by Carlos Rubio Martí on

Here it is: Refraction Essential Chords

and what we say is:

Don't let the simplicity hide the power of this library



Heres' why: 

Chord progressions are the heart of the song.

And they are a good way to start producing since they'll help us to start and create the song structure.

When you start your project just drag one of the MIDI files contained in this library: the one you like the most or the one you find original. Then play with the chords (change tone, change order, change notes...) until you find the sequence you like.

With that base copy and paste it to fill several bars and thats it: you have your canvas. 

That canvas will help you to create the bass line, the drop, the lead... Drag then some loops and samples, percussions... and see how it goes.

With this library you'll work faster and will be ahead. You'll be able to prototype ideas quite fast.

We use it. Our students too. They see great progress compared to how they used to produce before and to other young producers that start with more difficult parts.


You can get it here to kick start your productions the right way.


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