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Fx effects for your productions

Posted by Carlos Rubio Martí on

We recently launched the new version of our most popular FX samplepack:

Fills & FX Vol.2

  • 200 effects and fx sounds including:
    • FFXB2 Fills
    • FFXB2 Impacts
    • FFXB2 Upfilters
    • FFXB2 White Noise
  • Upfilters by tonality
  • Audios tagged by BPM and duration (bars)
    • Effects prepared at different speeds: 90-150 BPM
    • Audio files in stereo 24bit Wav format, 44.1khz
    • More han 800mb of material in 200 files once decompressed
    • All audios are ready to import any DAW

    And of course all files ready to import to any DAW: Ableton, Cubase, Fruity, Logic ...


    So, what's the deal with FX?

    Fx are quite important, specially in electronic music production.

    They serve two main purposes:

    • One is to increase the emotions we want to transmit with the song. For example rush, joy or sadness...
    • And the other is to serve as a glue between parts: lets say the drop and the break, for example. With an effect the transition can be smoother.

    That being said, we don't have to overuse them, just when they are necessary and only when they sound good.

    If they do not sound good, change them for other effects or remove them, don't worry about that.

    Keep in mind some effects can have BPM and tone, so if they do, make sure they fit with the song.

    For examples the ones that include sidechain compression will come with a bpm, so the compression matches the kick.

    And other fx can have a tone, so they will sound more natural if it matches the dominant tone.

    You can make them... or you can just use them

    Many producers create their own fx specially crafted for the song, and that's v

    But some other times we lack the time or even the knowledge to create them.

    If that is the case, you can get fx in samplepacks, just as the ones we bring for you.

    Be smart and make the most of your time: if you can invest in fx samplepacks you will save time when producing the song, time that you'll be able to use in.. for example, mastering or promotion.

    So far so good.

    I hope I gave you some ideas on how to use FX to make the most of it.

    Keep talking!


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