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First things first (aka welcome to your new sounds)

Posted by Carlos Rubio Martí on

Welcome to our brand new Store.

We just opened this but we are not new in this world...

Refraction Producers is a branch of Refraction Productions, a spanish distribution store working since 2012 ... because we didn't have enough with running a full time business ;)

This branch came to life after we started to have more and more international sales and started to give english support.

So the english site was the next natural step.


Here you are going to find collections of sounds, loops and samples that hopefully will make your music sound better. 


And most important: anything you find in this site has been designed following high standards. For sure, we wouldn't produce anything we wouldn't use in our productions. So you can be sure that this is our best work.


You can also explore our main website (in Spanish) here:

Refraction Productions

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