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How do I download the material once I've made the purchase?

When you complete an order the material becomes available for download with a link we send you to your email.

With that link you can download the material. It will be active as long as we are here and it has no expiration date.

You can also go to the Downloads Center anytime and request a link to download your purchases.


What DAW's and applications can load the material in the libraries?

Our libraries, projects and instruments are produced following the industry and computer music standards: WAV audio files, Midis specs, VST's ... Those can be loaded into any sequencer or audio application editor without any problem.

Sequencers or DAW's like Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic, Reaper, ... or audio/video editors like: audacity, camtasia, ScreenFlow ...


On licenses, royalties and rights of use...

The material acquired from Refraction Producers is royalty-free.

That means that once acquired you can use it in any type of musical / audiovisual production whether commercial or not. You do not have to make any additional payments.

And of course you can use it as many times as you want.

The only thing that you are not allowed to do (not surprisingly) is to give, distribute or resell the material.


Quality checks

Anything you find in this site has been designed following high standards. For sure, we wouldn't produce anything we wouldn't use in our productions. So you can be sure that this is our best work.


But if you discover it's not for you, don't worry ...

That's why we have warranties

If you are not satisfied with the library and you are not going to use it, no problem:

We refund your purchase or change the material for other you can use.

Crystal clear. Sometimes we buy something and is not what we expect, we totally understand that. Only thing we would appreciate from you (if this happen) is to not to use the material that has been refunded.


Why Refraction Producers (or, Who are we)

Refraction Productions was born in 2012 (in Spanish) from the minds of two professionals in the production, mixing and computer audio programming fields.

The main idea of Refraction is to bring you the best resources and materials with the best information for you to produce better music in less time.

Some months ago we started to have more and more international sales and started to give english support.

So this site was the next natural step.


Anything not here?

No problem, if you want to know something that is not specified here please contact us through the contact page and we will respond as soon as possible.

We read all emails that come in.