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Refraction NATURE LO-FI sounds

Refraction NATURE LO-FI sounds

  • $000

21 nature recorded tracks for your mixes


Inside the pack you'll find these audio files

  • Ambient - Ancient tower.wav
  • Ambient - Beach Cave.wav
  • Ambient - Beach Park.wav
  • Ambient - Beach Promenade.wav
  • Ambient - Dorado Beach.wav
  • Ambient - Eight faces Tower mountain.wav
  • Ambient - Farmers market.wav
  • Ambient - Fortress mountain.wav
  • Ambient - Harbour.wav
  • Ambient - Mountain Castle.wav
  • Ambient - Mountain Heights.wav
  • Ambient - Nature museum.wav
  • Ambient - Queen hill tower.wav
  • Ambient - Sailing ships.wav
  • Ambient - Sea Lake.wav
  • Ambient - Sea LightHouse .wav
  • Ambient - Silence Beach.wav
  • Ambient - Surfing beach.wav
  • Ambient - Town Hill Walks.wav
  • Ambient - Town market.wav
  • Ambient - Volcano mountain.wav
  • Audio files  stereo 24 bit Wav format, 44.1khz

  • Ready for any DAW: Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic ...

How to get it

Proceed with the regular checkout. You won't be asked for money and will get the link in your email after placing the order.


Refraction Producers

Born in 2012 under the label Refraction Productions as a Spanish loops & samples store, we have been producing top quality material for producers since then.

That's why during all this time we have helped thousand of producers from beginners to experts to produce new songs featured in record labels and danced all over.

More info here

Refraction NATURE LO-FI sounds

Refraction NATURE LO-FI sounds

  • $000

*Remember: if you buy it and for any reason you are not going to use it, you can use the guarantee and get your money back.

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