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Moombahton - Project Template - Cubase

Moombahton - Project Template - Cubase

Cubase, Moombahton,
  • $895


Moombahton Project Template for Cubase

Use this template to kickstart your productions in a very easy way.

Just open the project, check how it's made and start changing and arranging sounds and loops to create your new song.

Besides you'll get loops and samples that you can reuse for other projects.


Project details

  • Moombahton Style
  • BPM: 110 
  • Duration 3:31
  • Key: F
  • Tracks: +14 including pads, bass, percussion, melodies, ...
  • +15 loops including:
    • Fx effects and filters
    • Synths: pads, leads, bass, ...
    • Percussion: kicks, shakers, impacts,...
  • 16 bits, 44.1khz
  • Cubase Project Format (for Cubase 5 and up)
  • Ready to open, study and edit

Why a project template?
You might wonder

Project templates are the easiest way to kick start a new production.

They come with a predefined song structure that will make the beginning much easier.

But using a template doesn't mean that you are doing something less creative or original... unless you want to: it all depends on how you use it.

If you decide to change only a few things and that's it, okay, but the templates are not intended for that.

They are intended to be used as a guide for beginners and as a save timer for more advanced producers.

With the template you have the structure of the song style, the tracks for the different parts of it: drums, melodies, basses.. and the sounds, but from then you need to change almost everything so it has nothing to do with the original song. It should end up being new song, just that it started from something rathen than nothing.

For beginners this is a fantastic tool, you will access to a real original production to study and adapt to your style and resources.

In a few hours you can have a song that will motivate you to keep producing rather than some bars that are maybe not that good.

And for advanced users this is something they can benefit too. You will prototype ideas for new songs in a very fast way: if it works, perfect, go ahead, if not, start the next one and you will have saved time.

Finally you will have access to quality loops and samples that you can include to your library so you can use in some other songs.

That's the magic of project templates.

100% Satisfaction. Or money back

This is a 100% Risk Free product

If for any reason these sounds are not for you and you are not going to use them, tell us and we'll refund your purchase.

Only thing we'll ask from you is to not to use the material. That's it.

Stuff to know

How do I download the material once purchased?

When an order is completed you receive an email with a link to download the material.

You'll be able to download 5 times anytime you want. The link won't expire and will be there until you reach your download limit.

If for any reason you need more downloads, please let us know and we will work it out.

What DAW's and applications can import your material?

Our libraries, projects & plugins follow industry standars. Audio files (such as WAV and MIDI), VST's or any other format we sell can be used in any DAW or application that follow those audio standars, which is almost every app out there.

DAW's like Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic, Reaper, audacity... o audio/video editors like audacity, camtasia, screenflow...

What about licenses, royalties and usage rights?

Material adquired here is free of royalties. That means that once purchased you can use it in any kind of audio/visual production commercial or not, without any further requirements to use those rights. And of couse as many times as you want.

Only thing not allowed (obviously) is to resell or distribute the material with or without commercial purposes.

If you want to be able to resell or redistribute our material, please contact us.

Anything not clear?

No problem, contact us through this link. We read all emails that come to us.

Refraction Producers

Born in 2012 under the label Refraction Productions as a Spanish loops & samples store, we have been producing top quality material for producers since then.

That's why during all this time we have helped thousand of producers from beginners to experts to produce new songs featured in record labels and danced all over.

More info here

Moombahton - Project Template - Cubase

Moombahton - Project Template - Cubase

Cubase, Moombahton,
  • $895

*Remember: if you buy it and for any reason you are not going to use it, you can use the guarantee and get your money back.

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