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Moombahton Production KIT - By Roy Cocs

Moombahton Production KIT - By Roy Cocs

  • $000

Moombahton Production KIT by RoyCocs

Roy Cocs bring us this production pack to produce Moombahton.

In this pack we'll find a construction kit (loops & samples), MIDIs, project tracks and a FLP project ready to import.

All this material will help you to create and practice new productions whatever your level is.

And best of all.... ALL FOR FREE


Inside this pack you'll find:

  • Loops
    • Chord 1.wav
    • Chord 2.wav
    • Chord 3.wav
    • Drums Group.wav
    • Fill.wav
    • Guitar.wav
    • Impact Deep.wav
    • Impact Drop.wav
    • Kick.wav
    • Lead Drop 1.wav
    • Lead Drop 2.wav
    • Pad Deep.wav
    • Pad Light.wav
    • Percussion 2.wav
    • Percussion 3.wav
    • Reverse Kick.wav
    • Sine Bass.wav
    • Snap.wav
    • Vocal Chop Drop.wav
  • Midis
    • Bass.mid
    • Chord.mid
    • Drop.mid
    • Vocal Chop.mid
  • Pistas
    • Track__Chord 1.wav
    • Track__Chord 2.wav
    • Track__Chord 3.wav
    • Track__Current.wav
    • Track__Drums Group.wav
    • Track__Fill.wav
    • Track__Guitar.wav
    • Track__Impact Deep.wav
    • Track__Impact Drop.wav
    • Track__Kick.wav
    • Track__Lead Drop 1 .wav
    • Track__Lead Drop 2.wav
    • Track__Master.wav
    • Track__Pad Deep.wav
    • Track__Pad Light.wav
    • Track__Percussion 2 .wav
    • Track__Percussion 3.wav
    • Track__Reverse Kick.wav
    • Track__Sine Bass.wav
    • Track__Snap.wav
    • Track__Vocal Chop Drop .wav
  • FL Studio

  • BPM: 128
  • Audio files stereo 24 bit Wav format, 44.1khz

  • Ready to import in any sequencer/DAW: Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic ...

And if you have any doubts, questions or anything, just let us know here:


Enjoy this!

Refraction Producers

Born in 2012 under the label Refraction Productions as a Spanish loops & samples store, we have been producing top quality material for producers since then.

That's why during all this time we have helped thousand of producers from beginners to experts to produce new songs featured in record labels and danced all over.

More info here

Moombahton Production KIT - By Roy Cocs

Moombahton Production KIT - By Roy Cocs

  • $000

*Remember: if you buy it and for any reason you are not going to use it, you can use the guarantee and get your money back.

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